Heze Keteng Biotechnology Co., Ltd 18853009588
Enterprise Strength
The registered capital of the enterprise is 50.06 million yuan, with a total investment of 331.3 million yuan and an area of 105 acres
    50.06million Registered capital of company 50.06 million yuan
    331.3million Company investment amount 331.3 million yuan
    32000m2 Company building area 32000 m2
About Us
Set scientific research,development,manufacturing in one
Annual output of 25000 tons of surfactant, 12000 tons of mixed special surfactant, 10000 tons of modified Sodium dodecyl sulfate, 1000 tons of thiodiglycolic acid, 1000 tons of sodium p-phenylene sulfonate, 1000 tons of Tris
Adhering to integrity and open cooperation, achieving resource optimization and reconstruction, and pursuing win-win and sharing with all sectors of society
2023-06-27 Heze Keteng Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Heze Keteng Biotechnology Co., Ltd., whose office is located in Heze, the hometown of peony and martial arts, and the west of Hanqiao Village, Hongchuan Town, Juancheng County, Heze, Shandong Province... More>